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Training The Next Generation of Doctors and Nurses

For decades, medical education has followed a timeworn path — heaps of book learning and lectures, then clinical rotations exposing students... Read more »

5 G Broadband Could Issue in a Whole New Way for your Physician To Access your Records and Treat

If you do not like visiting your doctor, that’s fine, any you are not alone. Many of us have to take... Read more »

Blood Pressure Patch

A blood pressure test is the only way to detect hypertension. The usual method is with a blood pressure cuff on... Read more »

Smart Inhalers

Inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators are the cornerstone treatments for asthma. The first medication helps control inflammation while the second provides immediate... Read more »

Blood Test May Serve as Early Predictor for Cerebral Palsy

New research suggests that a blood test could one day help doctors flag children with cerebral palsy far earlier, allowing young... Read more »

App Shows Potential in Flagging Autism

New research suggests that a simple iPhone app could be instrumental in helping screen children for autism from the comfort of... Read more »

Nike Turns to Runner with Cerebral Palsy to Help Design Next-Gen Shoe

One of the world’s largest athletic brands is expanding its lineup of shoes specially designed for people with disabilities. Nike said... Read more »

Biomedical Tattoo May Enable Early Cancer Detection

Swiss researchers developed a skin implant device with genetic components, called a biomedical tattoo, which monitors blood calcium levels to help... Read more »

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