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Do Not Forget About Drug-Food Interactions

When we think of interactions between medications, it is mostly drug-drug interactions that we take into consideration. Food interactions with medication... Read more »

Drugs Aimed at Autism’s Core Features Show Promise

New research suggests that medications targeting a hormone may lead to improved socialization and behavior in those with autism. Results from... Read more »

New Drug: Perseristm (Risperidone) For Extended-Release Injectable Suspension

The FDA has approved PERSERISTM (risperidone) for Extended-Release Injectable Suspension for the Treatment of Schizophrenia in Adults PERSERIS is the first... Read more »

Inclusion Increasingly The Norm For Students With Disabilities

More students with disabilities are being educated alongside their typically-developing peers, according to new federal data.  Nearly 95 percent of kids... Read more »

Sensors for Healthy Food Choices

David Klonoff, MD, medical director of the Diabetes Research Institute, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in San Mateo, California, forecasted that within the... Read more »

Study Finds 2.5% Rate of Current Autism Diagnosis

Researchers found that 2.79% of US children and teens had ever been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, while 2.5% of youths... Read more »

Probiotics for Mania

The micros in our gut have important roles in inflammatory response and neurologic functioning. Because some patients with acute mania have... Read more »

Inhalers are Used Incorrectly by Majority of Patients with Asthma

Many of those with asthma may be using their inhalers incorrectly, thereby increasing their risk of asthma attack, according to new... Read more »

Type of MRI Scan Could Improve Understanding of Dopamine Function in Schizophrenia

Researchers have identified the neuromelanin-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging (NM-MRI) scan as a potential biomarker for psychosis. This  signal is a marker... Read more »

New Drug: Yupelri Approved for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The FDA has approved revefenacin (Yupelri) for the maintenance treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A long-acting muscarinic... Read more »