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Extended Family History May Raise Alzheimer’s Risk

Researchers found that individuals with at least two first-degree relatives with Alzheimer’s disease had 3.98 times higher odds of developing Alzheimer’s,... Read more »

Infection Tied to Higher Risk of Pediatric Illness

Children and teens hospitalized for infections were 84% more likely to be diagnosed later with mental health disorders and 42% more... Read more »

As Melatonin Use Rises, So Do Safety Concerns

Many Individuals are among a growing number of sleep-deprived consumers turning to a once-little-known hormone, often referred to as the “sleep... Read more »

CDC Finds More Preschoolers Have Autism

New federal figures indicate that autism prevalence among young children is on the rise. The number of 4-year-olds with the developmental... Read more »

New Drug Warning: FDA Adds Boxed Warning For Risk Of Serious Injuries Caused By Sleepwalking With Certain Insomnia Medicines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising that rare but serious injuries have happened with certain common prescription insomnia medicines... Read more »

Increased Off-Label Use of Gabapentinoid for Pain Management

Off-label use exposes patients to adverse effects and generally is not supported by evidence. The only conditions for which gabapentinoid drugs... Read more »

Do Not Forget About Drug-Food Interactions

When we think of interactions between medications, it is mostly drug-drug interactions that we take into consideration. Food interactions with medication... Read more »

Drugs Aimed at Autism’s Core Features Show Promise

New research suggests that medications targeting a hormone may lead to improved socialization and behavior in those with autism. Results from... Read more »

New Drug: Perseristm (Risperidone) For Extended-Release Injectable Suspension

The FDA has approved PERSERISTM (risperidone) for Extended-Release Injectable Suspension for the Treatment of Schizophrenia in Adults PERSERIS is the first... Read more »

Study Finds 2.5% Rate of Current Autism Diagnosis

Researchers found that 2.79% of US children and teens had ever been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, while 2.5% of youths... Read more »