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Filling Prescriptions

A pharmacist selecting medication

More than just “filling scripts”

Few people realize the complexity of what goes into filling prescriptions. The Pharmacy Alternatives® comprehensive dispensing process involves a series of checks and balances created to ensure that what the physician has ordered is exactly what we dispense and deliver. From initial receipt by the order-entry technician to the final pharmacist check to the onsite delivery, our team realizes the importance of dispensing medications accurately and getting medications out in a timely manner.

Beyond our dispensing prescriptions, our dedicated billing team is handling the  charges to the prescription insurance carrier, whether it be Medicaid, Medicare Part D Drug Plan or private insurance, to ensure customers are receiving the optimal benefit of their healthcare dollars. Some medications may be deemed absolutely clinically necessary by a physician and may require special prior authorization. Our billing team is always that intermediary working on behalf of our customers to ensure access to critical therapy.

A pharmacist scanning a prescription order

Pharmacy Processes

Pharmacy Alternatives is constantly striving to evaluate and to improve processes so customers get the service they need and deserve. We provide exceptional service in the pharmacy supply-chain process every day.

Pharmacy Alternatives Fulfillment Process

Order Entry

Pharmacy Alternatives was one of the first “paperless” pharmacies in the long term care pharmacy market. Our state of the art operating systems combined with our paperless document management system allow us to efficiently triage all medication orders submitted via fax, verbally, or electronically.

Medical Records

Assisting our customers with management of treatment and care is just as important as assisting with their medication management program. We act as the gatekeeper for current and updated orders of all types that are specific to the individuals that we serve. Our electronic and paper MARs (medical administration records), TARs (treatment administration records), and POs (physician orders) meet the needs of the individuals and organization we serve. We look forward to giving you our best!

Dispensing Medications

Times have changed since the lone pharmacist stood behind a divider and methodically counted out the prescribed amount of pills and dispensed them into a vial. Many advances have occurred in pharmacy technology to allow us to package thousands of pills in a day in a more efficient and extremely accurate manner. Pharmacy Alternatives’ specialized robotic dispensing and packaging technology allows the team to handle high volumes of medications each day.

Specialized Packaging

We provide your medications in a variety of forms that best suit your medication management system within your organization. While the traditional punch-card technology continues to be the industry leading choice, we also provide multi-dose and single-dose systems for our customers, based on the setting.

Shipping and Delivery of Medications

Medication delivery is a key and critical step in our pharmacy dispensing processes. We take every situation into account when preparing our delivery routes each day, including potential natural disasters, road closures and seasonal temperature changes and climate.

We understand that many of our customers have activities to attend at different times and that time demands are important. This is why we always work with you to determine the most optimal method and times for delivery of your medications.

Quality Assurance

While our team is more than capable of handling every step of the quality assurance process with regards to medication dispensing and delivery, our utilization of bar-coding technology guides our process every step of the way. Our standardized workflow has a quality check every step of the way ensuring the right drug, for the right person, at the right place, at the right time, in the right dosage form. Our quality is in the process.


We want the individuals and organizations we serve to get the most from their prescription drug coverage. Pharmacy Alternatives is experienced in working with Medicaid, Medicare Part D, Medicare Part B, private insurance and private pay individuals.

StationMD Bridge Refill Program

Pharmacy Alternatives is proud to have partnered with StationMD to offer the Bridge Refill Program in select markets. This no-cost, innovative refill program provides PharMerica clients have access to a specially trained, board certified physician to assist with existing prescription refill needs when the prescribing physician is unavailable. Click here for more information about the Bridge Refill Program.

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