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Google Glass May Help Improve Social Skills In Kids With ASD

Researchers say they have more evidence that an at-home intervention using Google Glass boosts socialization and learning in kids with autism. ... Read more »

App Offers Retinopathy Screening For Patients With Diabetes

One of the biggest problems for patients with diabetes are microvascular (i.e., neuropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy) and macrovascular events (e.g., cardiovascular events).... Read more »

Precision Medicine

As medical technology advances it is becoming more and more personalized to individual patients. Precision medicine, for example, allows physicians to select... Read more »

3-D Printing

If you haven’t heard, 3-D printers have quickly become one of the hottest technologies on the market. These printers can be... Read more »

App Identifies Diabetes Through Heart Rate

A smartphone application that tracks a person’s heart rate may be able to detect diabetes using a photoplethysmography signal, which is... Read more »

App Helps Police Interact With People That Have Special Needs

In the past, police might have had little information to help them navigate interactions with people with disabilities, but one app... Read more »

Sensors for Healthy Food Choices

David Klonoff, MD, medical director of the Diabetes Research Institute, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in San Mateo, California, forecasted that within the... Read more »

First Mobile App for Insulin Management Released

The FDA has just given 501(k) clearance to the first insulin-management and insulin-titration mobile phone app for individuals with type 2... Read more »

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Tracks Blood Pressure

Researchers have now engineered a blood pressure sensor that uses ultrasound technology and can be worn as a flexible skin patch,... Read more »

FDA Approves First Digital Inhaler With Tracking App

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first and only digital inhaler with a built-in sensor that connects... Read more »