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App Offers Retinopathy Screening For Patients With Diabetes

One of the biggest problems for patients with diabetes are microvascular (i.e., neuropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy) and macrovascular events (e.g., cardiovascular events).... Read more »

Pain Management: A Review of Tramadol and Associated Seizure

Tramadol was approved in 1995 by the FDA. Indicated to treat pain, it was classified as a “nonscheduled opioid” until 2014,... Read more »

First Responders Turn To Weighted Blankets For Those With Special Needs

With claims that they help with sleep, anxiety and stress, the popularity of weighted blankets increased markedly in 2018. Now, local... Read more »

Why Women’s Risk of Alzheimer’s Differs From Men

Two-thirds of U.S. Alzheimer’s cases are women, and it’s not just because they live longer. New research offers some biological clues... Read more »

New Drug: Bagsimi

The FDA has approved the first nasally administered glucagon product (Baqsimi), for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia for patients aged 4... Read more »

Law Improving Disaster Planning For Those With Disabilities

The federal government will be required to do more to consider the needs of people with disabilities when hurricanes, fires and... Read more »

Precision Medicine

As medical technology advances it is becoming more and more personalized to individual patients. Precision medicine, for example, allows physicians to select... Read more »

A Risk Factor for Depression in People with Autism

Depression rates were higher in those with normal intellectual functioning than in their siblings or in cases with intellectual disability.  Patients... Read more »

Vitamin D is the New Hormone

A vitamin is an essential nutrient that our body must obtain from food. Yet, this is not the case for vitamin... Read more »

Researchers Find Link Between Processed Foods and Autism

A preservative in processed foods could hold one of the clues to the rising rates of autism in the U.S., according... Read more »