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StationMD Bridge Refill Program

Refills Made Simple and Easy

Pharmacy Alternatives is committed to providing comprehensive services to help your agency drive better outcomes. We know that access to care and ease of getting your IDD patient’s refills is top-of-mind. We have joined efforts with StationMD to help close the gaps to delayed access to refills.

Through the StationMD Bridge Refill Program, PharMerica clients have access to a specially trained, board certified physician to assist with existing prescription refill needs when the prescribing physician is unavailable. This no-risk and zero cost solution offers:

  • 24/7 direct access to board-certified doctors for a telehealth consultation for prescription refills from the comfort and safety of home.
  • A bridge service for patients while they schedule a follow up appointment with their prescribing physician.
Telehealth services for refill access. In addition to the on-going support from our expert team members, we provide access to care solutions designed to further ease the stresses of refill management. These include:

Improving access to care

  • Bridging the gap on delayed medication refills for IDD patients until they are able to see their prescribing physician

Reducing agency stress

  • Pharmacy Alternatives pharmacists initiating the refill request directly with StationMD

Avoid unnecessary ER visits

  • Providing telehealth services 24/7 for medication refills

*This program is not offered in all states. Please speak with your Account Manager to see if you are eligible for enrollment*

For more information on StationMD’s full-suite of telehealth services, contact StationMD at [email protected], or visit


StationMD Enrollment Workflow Chart



Prescription Refill Steps

Refill Bridge Program FAQs

Q: When should the StationMD Bridge Refill Program be used

When a resident is unable to see their prescribing physician prior to refill expiration, and are looking for a short-term and easy to use solution for receiving their current prescription refills to reduce gap in care.

Q: When can I start to use the StationMD Bridge Refill Program?

Once the on-boarding process is complete, StationMD doctors are ready to assist in bridging the gap to all non-life-threatening prescription refills. They are available 24/7/365 – call at any time.

Q: Will I be directly charged for the StationMD Bridge Refill Service?

No, there is no charge to you for the Brdige Refill Service. This is a value-add service provided to you through PharMerica and their partnership with StationMD.

Q: Does the agency or PharMerica need to verify consent prior to initiating a refill?

No. All consents will be provided to the PharMerica account manager and pharmacy director prior to the start date. StationMD will verify consents are on file prior to fulfilling a refill request.

Q: Do I need a separate signed consent form for individuals under my care to use StationMD?

During the contracting process, the need for consent will be reviewed and will depend on the scope of services that an agency provides an individual. Need for signed consent will vary by client.

  • A StationMD consent is NOT needed when your agency has a more broad or blanket consent that is signed when an individual starts services with the agency that allows the agency to consent for physician treatment or services.
  • A StationMD consent is needed if your agency routinely requires consent to be signed when bringing an individual to see a new physician for treatment or services.